Garnet | January's Birthstone

Garnet | January's Birthstone

The garnet is the accepted birthstone for the month of January, as well as, the second year of marriage. 

Garnet is a remarkable gem that can be found in all colors except blue. From red (raspberry to blood-red), to green (rivaling the beauty of an emerald) to yellow, orange and brown, you'll be fascinated by the selection of colors available.

Garnets offer variety in appearance to suit every taste, as well as an outstanding price range (especially for larger sizes) to suit every pocketbook.

Legend holds that Noah hung a large garnet in the ark for illumination. It reportedly also gives its wearer guidance in the night, protection from nightmares, and according to the Egyptians, is an antidote for snake bite and food poisoning. In addition, it was also thought to have a special affinity with the blood.

As with all gemstones, care should be taken to protect it from scratches and sharp blows, and avoid extreme temperature changes.

Garnets are found in the U.S., Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India.

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