Angela Dobson Peterson is "The Jewelry Coach"

Angela Dobson Peterson is

Angela Dobson Peterson, Owner of Hupp Jewelers, aka "The Jewelry Coach"

What is a Jewelry Coach?

The Jewelry Coach is someone you can actually meet in person and trust to help you understand the ins and outs of the jewelry game. Someone who has your best interest at heart so that you can be a winner with every purchase you make (you're out of bounds if you think you can get this kind of personalized service on the internet!)  Now, the truth may not always be what you want to hear, but it will be honest in the hope of creating a teammate for life.

Angela Peterson

Angela has worked in the jewelry industry for the past 36 years. She is passionate about helping her customers find the perfect gift or piece to add to their jewelry collection. She holds Bachelor and Master Degrees from Butler University and is working toward a Graduate Gemologist certification from Gem Institute of America (GIA).

She is married to Jim Peterson and has two children (Ivan and Erick), two dogs (Boo and Greta), and two cats (Panda and Rocky). In her spare time, she enjoys riding horses, reading and traveling.

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